If you’ve struggled with back pain for any length of time, you may be wondering if spine surgery is your only treatment option. Sometimes, surgery is the only treatment. However, there’s good news. The vast majority of back problems can be remedied with non-surgical treatments—often referred to as non-surgical or conservative therapies.

The spine has a series of normal curves when viewed from the side. These curves help to better absorb the loads applied to the spine from the weight of the body. The normal curves of the spine allow the head to be balanced directly over the pelvis. Kyphosis is a forward rounding of upper back. Some rounding is normal, but the term “kyphosis” usually refers to an exaggerated rounding, more than 50 degrees. When discussing about spinal deformity scoliosis refers to bending in the frontal view whereas kyphosis refers to bending of the back in the side view. This deformity is also called round back or hunchback. Kyphosis can be in the form of hyper kyphosis or sharp angular gibbus deformity. Some of the kyphotic defomities may look benign but some of the kyphotic deformities are quite dangerous and it is important that patients and attendants are aware about this.